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K9 Monument Donations

National Board of Directors

President: Bob Sebastian – 2/75th RANGER Bn (retired) ( email )

Vice President: VACANT ( email )

Treasurer: Melissa Sebastian ( email )

Secretary: Diane Otte ( email )

Chapter Board Presidents /

National Board Members at Large

Minnesota Chapter (1st):  Rocky Otte – 1/75th RANGER Bn (retired) ( email )

Georgia Chapter (2nd): Gene Lively ( email )

Colorado Chapter (3rd): VACANT  ( email )

Wisconsin Chapter (4th): Nick Gries – AGR, (1/75th RANGER Bn (retired)) ( email )

Kansas Chapter (5th): Emilee Moss – Army National Guard  ( email )


A Planned Giving Opportunity

HOOAH Proudly Supports
All Branches of the United States Military!